Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Following the (Unofficial) Leader

I’ve had a lot of messages regarding my Weight Watchers diet and whether it’s working; especially from a disabled person’s point of view and the lack of exercise. Plus one anonymous person asking if I’ve “fallen off the wagon and failed once again” – erm rude!! 

I've very happy to report I am a complete an utter diet bore; simply because it’s working! So far I've lost 18lb in 10 weeks. I’m feeling quite proud and even bought myself a hot pink, Kelly Brook endorsed bikini, not a swim suit an actual two piece set with my body, op scar’s and stretch marks on show (although proud; I do apologise to the male members of my family now in sight of our family holiday’s coming up... Mike on the other hand...). When I hit my first stone (14lb) in loss I bought myself new jeans and even they keep falling down – luckily I sit on my arse 99% of the time really!

LadyGoGo84 - Letting you into her

I do minimal exercise as generally movement = pain, but my little contribution to my heart and circulation is this; I watch roughly two hours of TV a night which will have six ad breaks with an average of three minutes per break. So in every one of those I resist TiVo’s fast forward function and use 1lb weights to exercise my arms and will also attach them to my legs and do raises and mid air cycling. It’s not a lot but it means I’m keeping my old limbs going and resting for 15 minutes per every 3 so as not to hurt myself. 

An unexpected role that has come of being on WW is I’ve become an unofficial Weight Watchers leader. I had 5 friends who were already having wonderful results on the diet, especially my sister in law – if you’d seen her wedding photo’s – you would understand why I chose the plan over others. But from seeing my results 6 friends have joined and several have gone back to Weight Watchers and their new Pro Points plan and regularly I get texts/phone calls/fb messages/e-mails asking me for all kinds of advice and I’m no expert and regularly warn them of this but I find this little WW community of my mine a real help, especially since I can’t make the official local meetings. 

Those of you who have sent in questions I really do highly recommend the plan but would talk to your medical team/GP first! I shall keep you updated and no I don’t plan on failing either :P 

L x

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