Monday, 28 November 2011

Everyone's a Winner Baby!

Everyone loves a freebie or to win any competition right down to a school fete raffle. I stand and confess I’m a bit of a freebie/competition addict.

After posting my latest product testing project on Facebook and Twitter a lot of people have asked how I’m so “lucky”; truth be told it’s probably more about the odds rather than luck. I must enter up to 25 competitions a week and am signed up to various freebie websites and product testing schemes.  All of which only take a few minutes every morning, but once you start getting odd shaped packages through the post – it’s hard to stop.

Latest Product Testing

In the ten years I’ve had this hobby; I’ve won tickets to the Brit Awards, a 7ft Cherry Tree, A block of cheese, a dozen mascara’s,  tickets to shows, crates of wine and Bailey’s, free dinners at restaurants, perfumes and tons of other weird and wonderful surprises.

As for freebie’s these tend to be smaller but no less fun; free mini Tabasco bottles, boxes of cereal, boxes of tea, jars of coffee, DNA magnets, countless pen’s and badges. As for product testing I’ve had emergency packages of pasta, cheese couriered to my door in boxes of dried ice and books with a 72 hour reading time before a review was needed.

Perks of the freebie lover!

Some of you regular readers may even remember when I was given 48 copies of the same book to give out to friends and family earlier this year!

I started this excessive form filling in the long nights of pain and spasms when I’d watched all my DVD’s, cable TV had bored me to tears and no one was awake to chat to.

I never use any of the above to sell or make any money from them in wages; it’s purely for the love of getting post! I used to have dozens of pen pals as a child/teenager and since we all keep in touch via e-mail I miss beautifully hand written letters, colourful invitations and pretty thank you cards.

If you’d like to try your hand at winning or would just like to get a few free tea bags now and then here’s how....
  •       Check out your favourite companies’ websites and Facebook pages and join their mailing lists, especially as this time of year, there are countless Christmas comps.
  •          Magic Freebies UK and do all the hard work for you finding the best goodies
  •          UK Competitions are brilliant as when you enter the competitions the site logs your entry so you don’t keep going back to the same pages.
  •         Pick me up Magazine have a Comp club one of my friends has been incredibly lucky here!
  •         Super Savvy is a lifestyle website for UK ladies and they hold product testing groups and you’ll also find money off vouchers for household and beauty products

·         My only other advice is keep your eyes open – enter all and any competitions in magazines, news papers, websites and even watch for the ads on facebook.  Or if you get really serious about it quite literally Google for UK Freebies and UK Competitions.
     As much of a cliché as this may sound but; if you’re not in it you can’t win it!

        L x


  1. Oi there Miss Poppins. It supposed to be lucky to shake hands with a chimney sweep. In the absence of one of them, next time we meet I might just try touch you and see what happens? Lmao x x

  2. What an informative post! Thanks!
    My grandmother was a contest winner too. ..she used to keep a scrapbook with all her prize letters. I think the most interesting win was a cruise. ..she gifted it to my Aunt and Uncle. :)

  3. Really like using, and LFS, there are loads out there, but I do like the smaller free stuff sites like freestuff baby, there really good and they offer genuine freebies.


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