Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Stop acting gay! WTF!

I think the world went a little mad yesterday! I read these two articles (Sound advice?!? and Charitable?!) and couldn’t believe it! Schools in Essex telling bullied children to “Stop acting Gay” as a form of advice and an American Fast Food chain giving $2million dollars to anti gay campaigns!

What are these people thinking? We worshipping celebrities who are known for..... well what are they known for?? Who send out press releases asking for time and respect in a difficult marriage break up (Ms. Kardashian) – I’ve had longer flu bouts than a lot of these fairytale unions! And yet gay marriages are seen as corrupting our wholesome moral ways - B****ks!!

I have family and friends who are gay, bisexual (who I nickname - just plain greedy! ;) and even asexual, all of them are in long term, committed happy and very loving relationships – not only that ;they’re sweet, intelligent kind people – not sinners or “wrong!” and yet I know straight, miserable, nasty people who I wouldn’t wish anyone to be married to and yet they’re unions would be celebrated and not condemned!

One very dear friend of mine was sent to therapy and another to a summer camp to be cured of their homosexual urges, like it’s a habit, illness or an addiction. After some of the therapists I’ve seen I’m almost sure that the people offering these services are more messed up that any of their patients!

Can you tell I’m angry?

L x


  1. Gay / lesbian is a fact. Get over it people. We have had years of 'gay bashing' and seen all of the responses from various societies but it don't seem to go into people's heads. It would seem that now teachers are saying 'this is your problem, sort it' rather than standing up to the bullies. It may be that this PC world ties their hands slightly but they should be educating the minority here... That minority are the bullies; not the gay community.

  2. I could see you are angry and I totally agree with you. People should only be judged on what kind of people they are, are they honest, caring, honourable etc etc. Not on any other consideration, including colour, religion, disability etc. All of these things are only one part of the person and children should be taught to respect that and look at the whole person,

  3. I can't believe how bulling is becoming a terrorism of the yourth nowadays and even institutions can't help

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  4. Some peoples views seem sooo prehistoric and it's unbelievable the people still discriminate. Things are getting better though, I think. Gay isn't going away so people might as well get used to it!!

    I'm going through your blogs. They're really good reads :-)


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