Monday, 12 December 2011

Lend a Hand

A motto that’s always stuck with me is “Lend a Hand” those of you who were members before the new Millennium will remember that this was the motto of Brownies and Girl Guides. I was one of them, yes readers I was a vision of yellow, brown and a sash covered in my task badges – such a proud little Brownie. I loved it so much that I stayed as a Girl Guide Leader until I was 14!

I like to be helpful, my lending a hand goes a little further than learning to make my bed, brewing the perfect cuppa for my Mum and Dad and doing bake sales at Christmas (of which we would eat half of the produce).

In a time of social and economical unrest we need to give each other a hand and swap our knowledge and skills to get through it all.

One of my skills is talking and more than that I am an avid “Recommender” if you need something or someone I will whip out my business card book quicker than you can say “Sash and badges”. My Mum has said that I should get paid purely to talk almost like an advertising medium!

An example of this was when my newly trained holistic therapist friend Lauren offered to give me a Hot Stone massage for my back. I suffer a lot of discomfort from being so tense from the CRPS pain. Hot stone massages are exactly as they sound; smoothed stones are heated to approximately 52C and used to relax the muscles via the heat, helping with circulation and calming your nervous system.

It was heaven! I have so much trouble with my shoulders and a stiff back and after the treatment I felt lose; warm and so tired I slept almost 10 hours straight! Compared to my usual 3-4hrs kip I was in a coma! The effects of the massage lasted about 5 days so it is a treatment (I!!) you could do with as a regular occurrence for back pain.

Lauren now owner her own business called Butterflies offers all types of massage including Indian head treatments and Reflexology and a wide range of beauty treatments like waxing, spray tans, manicures and a make up service. If you are a Southend local and contact Lauren via any of these contact details (Click Here!) and quote LadyGogo Lauren is offering my readers 10% off your first treatment with her during December and January.

Whilst talking to another friend about skill swapping she asked if I would consider a holistic treatment from her as a swap for a piece on the blog and a lesson in setting up her own blog. She also has a friend of hers designing leaflets in return for treatments too. I’ll let you know more about this when it happens.

So have a think, what can you do to help your family and friends?  It doesn’t have to cost you anything but time and lending a well meaning hand!

L x

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  1. Phew. You had me at paragraph one you minx. I read it eight times lol. And if Lauren wants to hot stone me in that black outfit she was photographed in the other night I'll swap a few karate classes :-))))xx (I know-but I can't help it)


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