Friday, 28 September 2012


I’ve been doing my disappearing act again, with good reason I might add. The old relapse is taking full hold of my life at the moment and between the pain and sleep deprivation, I’m slowly increasing my medications but they generally make me sick as a dog.

Why bother having breakfast?

From the medication I’m now dealing with nausea, sickness, dizziness and bouts of passing out – as you can imagine I’m as useful as a chocolate tea pot, filled with earl grey then sat on a radiator – not only useless but a bloody mess as well!

But I’m sure you’re as sick of reading about this as I am talking about it so I’ve been busy winning!

As I’ve mentioned here before I love a good competition! I’ve always entered them even as I child submitting drawings and poems, raffle tickets and prize draws aplenty and since my brain has turned to temporary mush I’ve been entering a lot more competitions as even I can fill out my name, address and telephone number. Although throw in a simple question and I’m vexed but since I’m awake between 19 and 22hrs a day I’ve been filling my time entering forms, sending postcards and running up my phone bill (sorry Mike!) and low and behold I’ve been winning!

There is something so lovely about a “You’ve won!” e-mail or a box turning up (although I had thought, on occasion, that I may have I been sleep ordering goodies?!?) and when you’re feeling as rubbish as I currently do it’s the little pleasures that really count.

My first e-mail this month was from the Stephen Cronk at Mirabeau Wine. A small family run business in the Provence, Mirabeau was set up by Stephen after becoming disillusioned with the corporate world. In 2009 Stephen and Wife Jenny packed up their young family and moved from London to the heart of Provence to start living a dream in wine making.

Three years later they’re selling their wine in 6 countries and you can buy it from Waitrose (£8.99) here but the real test for them came when they sent me that e-mail declaring that I’d won 6 bottles of their Rose’ – the pressure for Mirabeau was on!


Oh who am I kidding? I know nothing about wine despite several wine courses and knowing some very knowledgeable connoisseurs, but I do know what I like and I love Mirabeau Rose.

I won’t try to explain the notes or the dry/sweetness as I’ll just sound like a plonker but three bottles down, on top of some heavy medication, I was willing to brave an almighty hangover but it never came! Mirabeau Rose is a gorgeous wine and I’ll be making a special trip to Waitrose at Christmas to keep my spirits up!

Enjoying a large chilled glass of Mirabeau

Thank you Stephen & Jenny!

I must also mention the lovely people at Chat Magazine and Flahavans Oats company who together sent me a hamper of porridge, oatmill and some lovely Flahavans branded kitchen utensils and an apron (ready for the new kitchen, which by the way is so close to being finished!). Flahavans have been making their oat based cereals, biscuits and snacks for over 200 years – I think they may know what they’re doing by now!

I made myself a hearty bowl of the Flahavans oatmeal yesterday which came in a very vintage style tubular tin (that I will be keeping after use!) and I was set for the morning, creamy and delicious! 

I was literally just about to post this blog when there was a knock at the door I'd won three Marian Keyes books from the wonderful people at Penguin Books including Marian's latest book The Mystery of Mercy Close which only came out a fortnight ago! - Thank you very much Penguin Books!

People keep asking on my Facebook how I win these competions, well, I’m in it, so I’m winning it - simples, and these prizes give my day’s a little, but well needed boost!!

L x

*Disclaimer - I have not received any payment for this piece - I'm just a nice blogger and competition winner who likes to show my appreciation in words!  

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