Saturday, 21 January 2012

2011 A Bad Boyfriend?


How are you all? Is January treating you well? I hope so! It’s hard after Christmas, the New Year kicks in so fast it’s almost as if the festive season was mince pie filled dream!

The initial flourish of resolutions, diets and general optimism for the better person in us all, is usually starting to deplete at a rapid rate by now, but this year I feel different.

As I mentioned in my last post 2011 was a hard year for my family and there were events through the twelve months that seemed to keep pulling me down, and I felt like I was teetering on the edge of another depression bout.

Despite the usual pain I’m in, I have been suffering with hip and knee pain that wasn’t in my normal portfolio of ailments. I hit my biggest weight over Christmas and after telling a friend about these problems, she remarked that these were the pains she had whilst pregnant. Now regular readers will remember this (CLICK HERE - to read my shame!) and the remark from my niece and again it’s taken for me to be told that my body in some way relates to that of a Mum to be, before I do anything about – stupid really isn’t?

And although some months ago I declared no more diets I feel if my fat is causing more pain on top of my usual ones I would be stupid to ignore it.

I joined WeightWatchers online two weeks ago, but since Christmas I’ve lost 6lb. I’m in what you would call the honeymoon period of the diet, but that’s just it I don’t feel like I’m dieting at all, I find point counting almost fun, finding as many ways of eat as much as I can without going over my allotted points – yesterday I even had mince pie ice cream with 3 points still left over by bedtime! 

But do you know what I think I’ll succeed this time because unlike last year I only have your average run of the mill problems or worries not court cases and heartbreak. And in hard times I’m your classic comfort eater. My friends are sick of me and my weight issues but so far I cannot say a bad word about WW. 

I almost feel like 2011 was a bad boyfriend who I’ve dumped. I’m in a “New Me” phase and I’ve thrown out half my wardrobe, got a new bed and duvet sets, we’ve started preparing for a new kitchen plus I’ve got 2 hen do’s, 3 weddings, 1 holiday booked (with two more in the pipeline), a family reunion party already booked up for this year – it’s looking fun (and expensive – less money to buy junk food with I suppose!).

I hope this optimism lasts, as well as my will power, I’m sure you’ll hear all about it soon enough. What about you guys? Are we all still feeling positive and fighting off the January blues? Let me know!

Right I’m off to go count weight watchers points, I have a cupcake course on Monday I need to calculate how many points per cake I bring home, I can eat and still enjoy Nando’s tomorrow – simple things!! Will let you know how I get on.

L x

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