Sunday, 8 May 2011

In the words of....

Nina Simone, Muse and Michael Buble amongst many.... I’m feeling good! 363 days after the official beginning of my RSD relapse, I woke this morning with a sense of real positivity. The relapse is almost over – my longest one in 21 years with the condition. I’m just glad it wasn’t the most severe one and I’ve carried on being part of the world instead of a prisoner of my bed and home.

Although I’m never pain free, I’m so glad that I can start coming off of some of the stronger medications and will hopefully regain my mental power and energy reserves to function at a “normal” level. I just have to remember not to overdo it, I’m my own worst enemy doing too much then suffering for days after!

It couldn’t come at a better time since I’m due to volunteer with the Southend Operatic Drama Society (S.O.D.S) as a member of the front of house staff during their run of Half a Sixpence (Tickets still available!) next week.

The diet took a bit of a back burner whilst Mike was home from work, and I fully blame my no slimmer waist line on Prince William and Kate (I had to spent a full day drinking to their long and happy life.... didn’t I?) and the great UK weather we’ve been having, which subsequently meant I had to attend many Birthday BBQ’s and gatherings, with many more to come! I will however; try my hardest to be good in between socialising as I’m desperate to wear my size 12 jeans again and not offend my neighbours whilst sunbathing!

Mike has gone away for up to two months now, it hasn’t hit me yet, but when I start to cover his side of the bed in magazines, note pads and the laptop starts accompanying me to bed I know he needs to come home quick. The only plus side to my lovely boys absence is that I can really concentrate on the diet/writing/projects etc. Without feeling like I’m neglecting him! He’ll come home to a new woman or a wreck of a girlfriend who of course – over did it!

L x

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