Monday, 7 March 2011

Suffolk Blog 2

Days 3 and 4 where absolutely freezing in Suffolk! Thankfully I spent most of Wednesday in the onsite pool! A lovely, heated and clean pool at that! I invested in an underwater camera to take photos of my friends kids learning to swim and see my friend Danyka get her butt stuck more than once on the rapids. I’m currently patiently waiting for the GoGo to charge so that I can go pick up the photo’s that I put in within an hour of getting home to Southend.

Wednesday evening Danyka and I went to the parks spa, luckily they have a mobility service to take customers to events and activities outside of scooter and wheelchair range. We paid £26 for a taster evening where you can try out all the different steam and meditation rooms. My favourite was the Aqua medication and Japanese steam rooms. It was fairly busy so you sometimes had to go back on yourself to try rooms when they were less crowded. We just kept an eye on how many robes were hung outside, although at one point ours were pinched lol!

Team GoGo Danyka and I
Feeling all Zen and relaxed about 2hours in our 3 hour session, I decided to try out an Experience Shower, which basically means that it’ll soak you from various directions, I tried a few of the settings without a hitch but then I pressed the Rain button and it was bloody freezing, I jumped to the side and slid. Before I knew it I was on the floor! I had let go of Dan’s hand and my walking stick to have a few moments of freedom only to end up with a swollen foot and hand plus a bruised butt not to mention a deflated ego! Zen – gone!

I hobbled around for the following 20 minutes before giving in going back to the cabin, by which time we were laughing about the sight of me with my legs akimbo!

Thursday I woke up so sore and swollen, there would be no pool for me! The Mummies and their kids went to a soft play date in the main complex and the rest of us met with them after for a drink (or two) in the Sports Cafe.

Thursday evening was our last there so we decided to go out to dinner to the American Bar and grill called Husks. I opted for a farewell Long Island Iced tea, my only drink that evening since my meds had been bumped up after the accident. Anyone who knows me is well aware I am a foodie, it’s an Ellard thing! I wanted a starter, main and pudding, but I was happy to see that if you wanted to half your main size (and price) they would do you a smaller potion so that you could enjoy more courses. I had artichoke and spinach dip to start and an American beef main both were gorgeous and thankfully for my bank account and waist size I was too full for pudding!

Again the mummies went off to take the kids to an under 8’s disco with Dan’s so Elaine and baby Tyler and I went back to the cabin for a film and a gossip, a lovely chilled way to end my time in (not so) sunny Suffolk!

Our cabin in a rare sunny moment!
L x

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  1. Love it! Thanks for mentioning the problems with my butt x


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