Saturday, 12 March 2011

Back with a Bump!

For once this year I’m not writing from far flung Australia or a cosy cabin in Suffolk. It seems I’m back in Southend with a bit of a bump. Back to reality – sadly! No more free holidays – and I have to get some aspects of my life back in order.

As you can imagine my finances have taken an almighty hit, all worth it of course, my memories are priceless but now I’m truly poor – so I apologise now to my nearest and dearest, if I say no to a lot off coffees, clubs and shopping sprees; I’m preserving what’s left of my overdraft!

Apart from shameless plugs for my google ad words, I’ve started writing and submitting work to paying publications; something I’ve not attempted in a decade, I’m hoping I have more wisdom and wit than my 16 year old self!

Secondly I am the fattest I have ever been, now when I ask myself “Does my bum look big in this?” I can accurately and honestly say “Yes!” coupled with a sigh that only pushes my stomach out further!

Coming back from OZ I could no longer wear my faithful New Look Jeans. That should have been the unequivocal evidence that I was getting tubby, but last week my 6 year old niece, looked at me with all the excitement of Christmas day and asked the question that all larger women dread “Auntie Lynsey.... are you having a baby?” – I could have fainted, nay died on the spot.

I know I’ve let things slide, annoyingly I was doing so well before my relapse started 10 months ago, I had the energy and lesser pain levels that meant I could exercise to a degree, but lack of mobility and not adjusting my slightly over generous portion sizes haven’t done me any good.

So I went looking for a work out DVD for elderly people or even a pregnancy one. I came across Leanne’s Chair workout. Leanne Grose is a 30 year old writer, motivational speaker, radio presenter, who unfortunately had to have her leg amputated due to tumours. Leanne found she gaining weight due to the lack of cardio exercise she could do from crutches and a wheelchair. So Leanne funded an exercise DVD project especially tailored for disabled people.

I ordered the DVD (I know shouldn’t be buying, but my figures at stake here!) it arrived yesterday and I did get a bloody good sweat on from my chair! Fingers crossed my motivation keeps up!

L x

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  1. The DVD! Let me know if it's any good, might be an idea to stock/ tactfully suggest to people at wrk....


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