Thursday, 1 February 2018

I'm Pregnant!

If you've not seen my countless social media posts or YouTube videos... I'm pregnant! I'm now in week 16 and thankfully rid of the 1st Trimester. What with pain, sickness, fatigue... and that doesn't even include my long-term conditions, I've felt dreadful.

I now have the practicalities of pregnancy and a baby to contend with, how will my body copy as the baby grows (and grow it will, Mike is a big guy and the baby is already presenting 9 days bigger than it's actual conception date!) and as a disabled parent, I'm going to have to find ingenious and practical ways to ensure the safety of the baby and myself. But more on that in the coming months.

Below are my first two vlogs about Button (babies nickname) and me.

Button Update No1

This video is from the day we found out we were expecting.

Button Update No. 2

This video is my pain medication withdrawal diary - emotional and a hard watch but I wanted to be honest with my readers. 

L x

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