Wednesday, 9 November 2016

48 Hours Later!

November is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome awareness month! November 7th is the internationally recognised CRPS day and I made a vlog.

Every year on this written blog, I've tried to promote and create awareness of the condition I've had for 25 years. The condition really sucks, I'm in pain 24/7 but I wanted to create something a little different this year; the first is trying out Vlog, I hate my voice and I could think of much better things to do than spend the day watching my own face for hours but I wanted to get out of the comfort zone I currently nestle in!

Secondly, I wanted to do a piece about the positive side of dealing with a chronic pain condition and this is what I came up with...

I try to keep chipper about bad days, it's my belief that if you wallow you'll only concentrate on the pain and end up feeling worse, but then this morning....

I felt so rubbish! I've had a little burst of energy (read: coffee) but it has been a difficult day, one I wouldn't normally harp on about, especially when I look so God-awful but I think it's good to show both side of life for us with CRPS

So there you go, so now you have blogs and vlogs to look forward to, you lucky lucky people!

Until next Wednesday!
L x

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