Friday, 7 February 2014

Independence for All

Me again, I’m on a roll! Not only have I written two blogs this week, I also had an article published in a local paper too!

The Evening Echo is a staple for any Southender! Want a new Puppy? “Check the Echo!” Has the pier burnt down, yet again? “Check the Echo!”Selling your Car? “Check the Echo!”... you get the idea! Anyway, they have given me my own column - One Disabled Day at a Time. In this months’ piece, I wrote about being housebound and how to appreciate your freedoms – in any small way you can.

This was my 6th piece for the newspaper and because I am so open and willing to talk about anything, from disability, relationships or cruel internet trolls, I believe, this has made readers realise that I am a regular contributor and people are now asking for my advice.

To read this weeks’ piece click on the photo below.

One Disabled Day at a Time

As you can see in the article, I talk about not being able to use the bathroom or cook in the kitchen during a full relapse of my conditions. After it was published, I received e-mails from people wanting specific information on what equipment I use to help with this.

As I have Cerebral Palsy, Hypermobility Syndrome and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome the three conditions battle within my body, fighting as to which one is going to cause the most trouble, so my needs change daily.

One thing I have always struggled with is cutlery. When I’m in severe pain, my left hand clenches tightly and my arm curls into my shoulder, club this with the paralysis on my left side and it makes for a messy meal time! I have used moulded knives and folks but there are so many different types available to suit everyone’s needs. I would suggest and recommend you go to They have an extensive cutlery range for all disabled people and I personally have used these ones in the past.

I would also suggest browsing UKS Mobility’s vast kitchen and dining section here. There are so many gadgets that are not only useful but incredibly safe too. I love the fact that with a few extra tools, we all gain further independence.

When I was a child I had to depend on Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapists for equipment such as leg splints, hoists and exercise apparatus. Today, I choose to purchase most of my own kit, which means; I’m no longer on mile long waiting list and I can buy what I want and when I need it – a real luxury.

I had two specific e-mails about toilet aids. Readers wanted to know what commodes I have used. I have only used a standard one without wheels similar to this model, very much like the ones you would see in hospital. They just become another piece of the furniture and ours became an office chair in between relapses!

When you’ve used commodes or have been bathed by family or carers you lose any sense of embarrassment. I know a commode is effectively an adult potty, but there is no point being shy about these things, we’re all human and we all have the same needs.

Luckily companies like UKS Mobility can recommend the right equipment for you; they consider your size, needs and disability. If you are really struggling with all the choice on offer, UKS Mobility encourages their clients to call their customer helpline, before, during and after sales for the best service. Thankfully they sell online, with an incredibly easy checkout, they can deliver to your door plus after over a decade in the industry, these guys know their stuff!

My final piece of advice would be to use social media. Talk to other suffers of your condition. Bounce ideas off each other, these people can understand what you’re going through and their suggestions might just make your day easier!

L x

Disclaimer - All thoughts and opinions are my own as Lynsey M Ellard. Written 02/2014 I retain all copyrights. Should you wish to contact me about this piece or would like to talk about having a sponsored post on my blog, please use the contact page above.

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