Monday, 2 December 2013

Chocolate and Detox

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Christmas Chocolate Goodies!

Forever Living Dextox

After all the over indulgence in New York, I shamefully managed to gain 8lbs in weight - oops!

Every extra pound make my joints hurt even more than they already do, so I needed, not just to lose pounds but to recoup and gain some energy. As much as I loved New York I was exhausted!

Recently Mike became is distributer for a company called Forever Living. Forever are the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera and bee products in the world.

Mike asked if I would try the Clean 9 program, a 9 day detox using Aloe Vera juice as the base for weight loss and increasing energy.

So, I embarked on the detox and here is my honest review.

Day one and two, you take the Aloe Gel drink (it’s not that nice but palatable if you mix it with a fruit juice my choice was Cranberry or Blueberry) and  a combination of Bee Pollen and Garcinia Plus supplements. You forgo food apart from a one Forever Milkshake for the first two day. It is hard, I really missed food and during day one I was HUN.GR.REY!

On days three to nine you carry on taking the Aloe Gel, Bee Pollen and Garcinia but for breakfast and lunch you have a Forever Milkshake and you’re allowed a 600 calorie dinner in the evening. Weirdly by day three I wasn’t hungry but by dinner time but my grilled chicken and vegetables tasted divine!

Forever Living suggests you do at least 20 minutes a day of exercise. For me this wasn’t possible with the pain I’m in, so I just did my daily physiotherapy.

By day nine I’d lost 7lbs and 9inches from my body, including 3inches from my waist alone! I was chuffed to pieces!

Mike did the detox and lost 13lbs, his Dad lost a whole stone! And unlike other detox programs I’ve followed, I have not gained the weight back!

This detox is becoming so popular it was featured in the December Issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK page 261)

Forever in Cosmo

Mike has kindly offered 1 Diary of Freedom reader to a Forever Living Clean 9 discount! The first person to contact me will get the detox for £85 (Our RRP is £119.24). Mike can take payment via paypal, bank transfer or cheque. If you do the detox I’d love to feature you on this blog in the near future!

I’ll be trying various Forever Living Products of the coming months (I will not recommend anything unless I’ve tried it or seen the benefits of them) so keep your eyes peels for future deals! Until then check out Mike's online store here: Feel Better! .

L xxx

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