Thursday, 14 March 2013

Freaky Limbs

Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while. I’ve been somewhat occupied with my health (yes I know – yet again!). I became very worried when my left foot started turning dark purple and borderline black; it looked like a fleshy human lava lamp with red blotches and dark blobs.

I thought, after a month, I should see my GP. They couldn’t hide their worry when they examined the limb and couldn’t find a pulse! I started to panic... surely if there’s no pulse, it’s dead? My GP faxed through an emergency appointment with the cardio vascular department at Southend hospital.

A week later I went to the said appointment expecting the worse. Since my Dad had a partial amputation of his left foot several years ago, he started to recommend me surgeons and consultants for that kind of surgery... these were not the footsteps I planned to follow my Father in! (Pun completely intended!)

For all the fuss and worry it turns out my leg is just plain lazy! Because I don’t walk around my leg isn’t pumping the blood around my leg effectively so it’s pooling in my toes causing the dark colours, although it might look horrible – the panic is over!

It’s amazing even when you have a catalogue of medical conditions; you can still take your health for granted. I’m now planning and looking forward to pampering my freaky little multicoloured foot!

Say "Hello" to my funky little friend!

L x

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