Wednesday, 6 April 2011

11lb Loss!


I’m writing from Sussex this week. Mike got home after 5 weeks away in Australia and Papua New Guinea (as you do!) and we didn’t tell most people as his sister, Emma, and I forged a plan to pick Mike up from Heathrow and surprise Mike’s parents on Mothers day (UK). The plan went down well although Mike’s Dad had an idea we were up to something as none of us had updated our Facebook or Twitter accounts – just typical I’m always getting in trouble for updating it and yet here I was  - being caught out for being quiet!

So I have a week in Sussex, always a nice distraction – staying amongst country pubs, green valleys and no transport links – the latter helps with my finances – (still no better!) – no shopping to tempt me.

I’ve had a wonderful response to the mailing list I started in my last post (if you would like to go on the list e-mail me at and a lot of interest as to whether the work out DVD has been a success. Alongside the Leanne Grose, DVD I’ve cut down my food portions and tried to cut out “naughty” foods. I’ve not been depriving myself though - as all I do on a diet is obsess about the forbidden.

Weight loss since Australia – 11lb – neigh bad! I’m at 11st 1lb now – still have a good stone to lose but I’m getting there. The work out DVD has taught me that I can work out whilst not injuring myself – I even hesitate to mention I have teeny weeny bicep muscles forming – eat your heart out Schwarzenegger.

I have to mention that on the Leanne Grose DVD, the tedious chatting and “jokes” are beyond dull and annoying after the 3rd+ times, so my suggestion is to put the DVD into your computer or DVD player and mute it, still following the actions but playing your own music in its place!

I hope I’m not jumping the gun, but I see an end in sight to this RSDS relapse. For those not in know, this means I can lower my medication, gain some mental power back and sleep an extra luxurious hour or two a night. I’ve been having some good days, although after almost 20 years with RSD I have not learnt that I should be careful and cautious on them days so not to tire myself out. After a busy mother’s day weekend three days later I’m still recovering! Any fellow chronic pain/illness sufferers will know the temptation to live it up on the good days!

I will keep you all posted on the light at the end of my little tunnel!

L x


  1. How do you know a relapse is coming?

  2. I believe it's different for every RSD sufferer. In my case; I tend to get clumsy and tired for a few weeks, spasms become more frequent, my body becomes hypersensitive and my pain levels then creep up to a point where I have to see my GP for stronger pain killers. Once I have seen her for this I class that day as my official relapse start date.

  3. The weight watchers diet is working really well for me and the wife. I've lost 8lbs on two weeks. I also found drinking 1.5lL + of water a day keeps the brain tip top, o hardly drink tea or coffee now...


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