Thursday, 10 February 2011


Thankfully waking with minimal side effects from our night at the Jazz night, on Saturday Mike and I decided to go into the CBD’s shopping district which is also home to the cities very own botanical gardens too. It had dawned on me how close to home time was, I vowed to make the most of the weekend.

The gardens had been flooded in January like the rest of Brisbane, so some areas where taped off, but what we did see was beautiful! Huge tree’s that were so big the branches had grown “legs” down into the ground to support them, there were lots of little pathways and nooks lined with the occasional picnic area and gazebos.

One thing I have noticed since being on OZ is that everyone’s so healthy! We were constantly in the path of runners and cyclists, their new year’s resolutions are sticking it seems lol! We also bumped into a training class for Seeing Eye dogs for the blind a dozen or so puppy Golden Retrievers had me pining for Pyro (my Jack Russell who we had to re-home last summer).

After our trek, we headed into the town for some souvenir shopping; there are many Australia themed shops ready for sentimental and somewhat tacky fools like myself. We sat and listened to various buskers who coincidently sound better than half the finalists from any TV talent shows, in fact we ended buying one of their CD’s – a duo called the The Firetree – think Adele crossed with James Morrison.

We got home just after 4 and headed for the apartments pool and spa, Mike then attempted to get a tan since he only had what he called a farmers one, but he can’t sit still for long and gave up after half an hour. I have loved the heat in OZ, I’ve had to take around half of the medication I was at home and because of the lowered pain I’ve been in, I'm sleeping so much better without rude spasms disturbing my beauty sleep! I wonder what the cold UK will do to me.

L x

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