Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Journey


Well, here I am in Brisbane, Australia. Finally! We were due out here two weeks ago but of course the awful floods, that have now moved on to Victoria, were raging through the now very hot and sunny city I’m looking at as I write this!

I thought I’d keep a diary of my time here, I’m easily pleased and fascinated so the smallest of things leave me very excited, for example; here when you press the button at road crossings it sounds like you’re playing space invaders, so cute!

Anyway, my journey started Saturday morning, I was daft enough to drink my friends home brewed wine the night before and only got home at 3am, but I had yet to pack – was not looking pretty!

Mike’s folks came to pick us up around four and I had a minor panic that I may have forgotten something or left something on that would burn our flat down, this is, by the way my first fortnight holiday... ever! It had even occurred to me that what if I died and no one knew my passwords to sort out my e-mails... ever the sane girl that I am.

I had been to Heathrow Airport for the first time to pick up Mike from his first trip to OZ last month, I love it there, people watching is better than almost any TV programme (not Glee mind!) people saying Goodbye is sad and all but I found it fascinating to watch the “better off” browse Chanel and Gucci like I do Primark, I actually heard a presumed mother and daughter proclaim £860 was such value for a handbag! I doubt my whole wardrobe costs that!

We were/are flying with Singapore Airlines, who I have to say so far have been wonderful, nothing is too much, they’re so accommodating and friendly, I didn’t feel as though my “special” needs were all that special! I have to say their uniforms are beautiful, when Mike pointed them out as cabin crew before we boarded I couldn’t believe how detailed and ornate they were.

From a health point of view my legs did not like the limited movement they had available, I’m very used to sitting around (Boom! Boom!) But I was scared of walking up and down the aisles as when I’m tired and stiff my legs refuse to walk in a careful straight line! Still I’m incredibly adapted to A) Sitting for hours watching films and B) Holding out going to toilet after years of tracking down disabled loos!

The food was gorgeous I opted for all the unusual menu choices (working my way up to Kangaroo and Alligator steaks) and every available alcoholic round of drinks, Mike might be working but I’m on holiday baby! I watched Going The Distance - Hilarious, Social Network – Loved it, what a story! And The Switch – very disappointing!

We landed in Singapore 12 hours after leaving the UK, luckily we only had 3 hours there so we had a quick look around their in house Butterfly Farm (as all airports should have!) and then I was labelled with a giant yellow badge saying I needed assistance, this made me laugh, because any one we wheeled passed or tagged outside the disabled loo nodded at us with yellow badge pride!

A Butterfly!

We embarked on the 7 hour second leg of “mission to Oz”, but this time neither of us had slept in 26 hours, and jet lag was starting to settle in. I watched Bedtime Stories – Sweet, You again – Predictable and The Romantics – Dull and so disappointing with a normally talented cast!

High Rises of Brisbane CBD

Finally at 7am OZ time we landed! Customs was a tad unnerving, I had to tick a box that listed medication brought into the country, unfortunately that same box included bringing in porn, fire arms and classed drugs, I felt dirty just ticking that said box and I swear the immigration woman gave me a dirty look!

They happened to be filming Border Control whilst we where there, I couldn’t have looked more awful if I tried, greasy hair and skin, blood shot eyes (no wonder I got that dirty look!) food down my top (again my vanity prevails) but luckily filming wasn’t due to start until 9am! Phew!

We walked out into the sunny (already 22 degree!) weather and it smelt like summer holidays, sun cream, flowers and fresh air, I’m in love already!


  1. Brilliant! And I am so jealous!! :)

  2. Feeling as green as your Blog page right now. I love the way they pigeon hole people who need medication with sexual deviants, drug users and gun totters. All of which except the latter apply to myself

    I can just imagine a formally red haired girl roll up to customs in an episode of Boarder Control. Gun in her holster, and Rasta Hat, and a suitcase which won’t stop buzzing calling, 'Help, i forgot my insulin!

    Shame you couldn’t of pinched the Yellow 'special' badge, would have made a memorable souvenir.

    Be glad you didn’t go to the Airport we went to in Turkey (Some four years ago). Their idea of a wheel chair somewhat differ from most people’s ideas.

    (not trying to be a topper) My partner suffers from a mobility issue. When we used her condition to get extra leg room, the airline made her use a wheel chair.

    I won’t name the airport, but what they wheeled to the plane only had one of everything, except the wheels, one of which had a puncher.

    Even the side panel was missing, which when she got in the chair rubbed so bad against her leg left her with a bruise for the rest of the holiday.

    Have a Fab time, don’t be a lady-gonegone for too long ;)


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