Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Seeing things in a new way....

After last weeks battery fiasco, it seemed that I had not plugged the GoGo in properly to charge, it's still not going more than 5 miles a go but I spoke to the guys at Able Aid (including my strange but never the less lovely friend Mike who works there) and they said it probably needs draining of power a few times to get the battery going again.

It really did worry me though, I'd had a few days of this new life and although shopping for yourself may not seem that exciting - I love it! I hope I don't take it for granted.

I'm starting to hate pavements ever so slightly, they are atrocious, especially the London road from Southend to Leigh..... thankfully I'm on enough pain meds to knock out a horse, that my back doesn't hurt! Went to The Piano Pavilion to see Karen for lunch with Mike (who's home for 6 days until Friday) - at the Sky Blues Cafe - love their jacket potatoes!

I couldn't get into a few shops along the way, and I'm confused to notice that Bar 56 have taken out their ramp into the venue? I've e-mail them, as they had a perfectly good one and have replaced it with steps, effectivly loosing 18% (estimated disabled people) of their custom.

I'm very happy to annouce that one of my best friends gave birth on Monday (16/08/2010) to a gorgeous little boy Alex Thomas Collins 6lb!

L x


  1. I'm glad you've found yourself some freedom wizzing round the streets lol. Shame about the bar, wonder why they did that :S Seems a bit strange. Baby's very cute!! And they seem to be popping up (or out?) everywhere at the moment! Lol.

    Take Care



  2. Awesome blog... keep em coming!

    Proud of you buddy x



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