Sunday, 22 August 2010


I did myself an injury Saturday morning.... my crime? Sitting up in bed! My back went snap, twang and pop! I spent the day moving round like a, quite literal, plank!

Mum and Miss M.P helped me out and I was thinking that a few extra meds, a good night’s sleep will do the trick! Sadly Miss M.P is a coffee fiend and I'm a sucker for a warm beverage when feeling rubbish. Now it's 2am and any chance (which on a good day is hard enough) of a good night’s sleep I feel is lost.... I'm on a caffeine high!

Miss M.P has been told off on FB.... and now what to do with my night.... do you think they’ll let me and the Gogo into a nightclub?

L x

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  1. Keep 'em coming honey, enjoying every read :)

    Looking forward to catching up soon... payday not too far away. Meet you in town! How exciting! xxx

    Hope you're feeling better soon- Boots x


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