Wednesday, 5 October 2016

306 Days

Well Hello. It’s been 306 days since my last blog. Let me explain.

In the last few years, a lot of stuff has happened, you would have read all about the good but I decided not to share the bad (you’ll have to wait for the biography to read all that juicy goss!) and believe me there’s been a lot of bad. 99% of the bad stuff was completely out of my control but it affected my work, opportunities, relationships, confidence and at points, my mental health.

Last December after particularly vicious troll message, I’d.had.enough. So, I stopped writing, completely. I didn’t want this blog to become a pity party and a negative place, but anyway, now I’m back!

I’m hoping you’ll all forgive my absence, so let’s have a recap...
The Boy and I

Mike and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary; a decade together has been interesting and wonderful in equal measures.  As we were saving like a possessed couple, we just went for dinner and cocktails which leads me to the biggest change; we moved house!

I’m no longer writing from our tiny flat/apartment in central Southend, we now have an actual grown up family home. We relocated a whole 4.4miles to the wilds of Shoeburyness. We have a dining room, 3 bedrooms, Estuary (Thames River) views and apple/pear trees in the garden! An added bonus is that we also have a garage which Mike has commandeered as a workshop for his art business. 

View from my new study - The Thames

This is our forever home, the house we’ll make as man and wife, the home we’ll bring our babies back to and our happy place in this crazy world.

We went on holiday with 11 members of my family to Portugal (we went on holiday 9hrs after we moved the last box into the new house!) which was wonderfully relaxing and we have spent the last 4 months getting used to our new home!

There have of course been many other goings on but I have to hold my horses and save them for another day and another blog. I’ve chosen Wednesday as my new blog day, I need to get into a routine with my writing, and I may add others days as I go, but we will see.

Until next Wednesday!

L xxx

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