Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sharing the love

It’s Valentine’s Day, love it or hate it, there’s no getting away from it! My boy Mike is currently in Texas working, so we’re not celebrating together (it’s our 6th Anniversary in 3 ½ weeks so we’ll do something fun thenJ). So as a treat to myself and still recovering and in a lot of pain from a family party last weekend – more in my next post on that! I’ve cleared my diary today so that I can rest, write and maybe even use some weekly Weightwatchers points for a little chocolate covered treat whilst I watch Valentine’s Day on DVD.

I’m not going to bore you; banging on about my love for Mike; family, friends and even occasional readers get the notion I adore him and wouldn’t be without him. But for something different I’m sharing the love and showing you my favourite blog’s & businesses, I think you should all check out!


Piano Pavilion – The Pavilion is run by my great friend Karen, as the name would suggest it’s a piano retailer, selling both acoustic and digital instruments. Not only do they sell piano’s, they can tune and fix them, they have practice rooms, an extensive list of piano teachers and are gearing for Piano Buddies. Time for a new hobby?

Butterfly Therapies – Is the company of my buddy Lauren who treated me to a lovely hot stone massage when I was suffering with my back late last year. Lauren offers a huge range of holistic and beauty therapies and can even travel to your home! Lauren is chatty, funny and you’ll instantly relax in her company.

Fantasticake’s – Is the work of Mother and Daughter team Elaine and Lauren, these guys turn out some brilliant cakes for all occasions, have a look through their online gallery here and I can vouch they taste as great as they look.

Sara De Groot – Sara is one of the sweetest holistic therapists you’ll ever meet. She provides treatments such as Metamorphic Techinique, Aqua Detox and Indian head massage. Sara has been round many a time to try some healing on me, and I don’t whether it’s just her sweet uplifting nature or something higher; but each time she leaves I feel a bit brighter for the rest of the day.

TheHaze – are a 5 piece rock/pop band, which are perfect for any wedding or function. I’ve seen the band several times and each members performing within other bands – but I think they work best together in the Haze.  With both male and female vocalists they can cover most songs usually with their own funky twist.


Rellacafa- This Caf an Australian CRPS/RSD sufferer – like myself she’s trying to get through a life as a “normal” young woman coping with pain, as well as a written blog she is a braver girl than me who makes a video diary; some are hard to watch when she’s clearly in agony. Great awareness though!

The Incredible Adventures of Miss Lacey – Elly is one of Mike’s college friend’s who is currently in New York for a year as an intern. Each day Miss Lacey take’s a photo of what sums up her day in the big apple. Although 161 day’s into her 365 there I would suggest going back and looking through the last 5 months, it’s addictive waiting for the next photo! I couldn’t be more jealous if I tried!

Pop Goes the Feasible...- Is the blog and artwork of my friend Lucy, who is a sufferer of Endometriosis, a painful gynaecological condition. A real inspiration having raised thousands of pounds for the Endometriosis UK charity.

Curious Tendency- I can’t remember if I found her or she found me! A blog of gruesome folk law, psychological studies and philosophy, such a brilliant interesting and very radom read.

AlRightTit - Is the blog of Lisa Linch in her words she’s Author, Editor, Blogger and Cancer Bitch. An honest account of Lisa’s journey through life and loves and cancer a.k.a Bullshit.

Not Without Salt - My favourite foodie blog!! Just go enjoy and drool, future dinner parties of mine will be made extra special with some of these delights. A chatty fun food lovers heaven!

And lastly I follow a few newbie’s on the old blogging scene; Trials and Tribulations of being Mrs T my friend Leanne’s blog; only a few posts so far but a fantastic writer and I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing some of her unpublished work released!

Short, Fat, Bald Bloke Blogs Tony is the above Mrs T’s Dad, he’s currently training for the K2B (Keswick to Barrow) 40 mile walk for charity – always a funny, slightly grumpy read!

L x


  1. If only I was 25 years younger, slimmer, had hair, wasn't married.... Oh sod it. I love you anyway :Dxx you valentine minx!

  2. Wow, so sweet that you mentioned me in your list. Thanks so much, I hope you had a great Valentine's Day even if Mike wasn't around. Chocolate is always best in these situations :D

  3. Thanks for the new blog recommendations!


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