Friday, 10 February 2012

I'm a Slave....

I’ve been stuck indoors since last Saturday evening, which is of course when it snowed – 6 inches worth covering most of England! So on my todd a lot I was able to crack on through my never ending to do list. You know the feeling, e-mails you’ve meant to concentrate on for weeks (Or sometimes months – luckily I have patient friends!) paper work to file and all those menial tasks that build up until they wake you up at 4am (alongside a hearty spasm!)

I’ve also been tackling my TiVo box as I still had programmes sat on there from Christmas! Every once in a while I realise I watch a lot of TV! Shamefully some of it I’m A. Surely  too old for (Pretty Little Liars? Gossip Girl?) or B. Have seen them (or at least types of them) all before (Come Dine with me? Biggest Loser?).

I don’t know about all of you but don’t you feel a bit squashed by media and social must haves? Let me explain.

I am a girl of the 21st Century, I love books, films, TV, social media, Apps, new technology and above all the Internet (without it I there would be no Diary of New Freedoms - *gasps in horror*). When I meet with friends, chat with them on Facebook or text them there is always an inevitable conversation about the latest book trilogy, Sky Atlantic premier or ridiculous must have game. I can’t keep up.

Before the first Twilight film was release, I was apparently the only female under 30 who hadn’t read the books and worst of all; when admitting I hadn’t even heard of it, I was bombarded with that very 21st Century “Oh my God, you’ve not read/seen/heard of *whatever is in media fashion at the moment*”.

I haven’t read Hunger Games, 2 out of the Four Twilight saga or any of the Harry Potters, I’ve never seen Star Wars, Gone with the Wind and only last week saw the Lord of the Rings movies. I’m waiting for repeats of Mad Men (Don Draper who?), Dexter and I’ve only seen three episodes of the now finished 24. I have both Adele albums, both Lady Gaga’s and all of Rihanna’s – doesn’t mean I’ve listened to them!

The list continues! Not that should be bothered.... but I am... a little.... because I want to watch/listen/read them all – now does that make me a slave rather than a fan of all things entertaining?

And for all these mediums that I slave away on sometimes the most hyped are my least favourite; because not only am I slave I’m apparently a slave with poor taste; the programmes I do watch get decommissioned after 1 or 2 sessions (Privileged or Pushing Daisies anyone?). Black Swan – beautifully made but I have to say I was a bit bored.... and when I admit that to most female friends I’m given that look as if to say “You should be struck from my Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin all at once”.

Least for being so behind I can say one thing in my defence the reason I’m so behind is that I’m usually seeing friends and family and that my readers is the 1984-1997 (pre internet) old fashioned me!

L x

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