Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Head in the Sand

As a woman in my 30's, who completed her schooling, college and got accepted into University (albeit the fact I didn't go due to health!) I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person with a healthy dose of common sense to boot, but I have a somewhat childish habit.

I ignore the news. My head is firmly in the sand, my fingers are in my ears whilst I sing whatever current song I have merry-go-rounding in my head at the time.

I used to want to be clued up and ready for any current affairs conversation, but these days I just don't want to know. When I confessed this in a forum, I was berated for being sheltered and nieve, that maybe the case, but don't you ever feel there is so much going on, the majority of it truly awful, that you simply don't want to fill your head with all the terror and sadness?

Don't get me wrong, I know the basics; I know Donald Trump is proving himself to be the idiot we all knew he would be, and that this has caused issues with the rest of the world, namely Russia. I know that the UK election is looming, and I also have no idea who I'll vote for this time. But I just cannot bare to be bombarded constantly with negative and sensationalised events and people.

Does this make me uninformed and stupid? I don't think so. When I say I ignore the news, I ignore it as best I can, but I'm a prolific social media user and big stories are unavoidable in retweets and shares, so I'm aware when something truly awful has happened, like the Westminster terror attack in London earlier this year, but once I know the general story I don't want to keep going over it.

I'm an emotional girl, NSPCC commercials and every single birth on One Born Every Minute leave me in floods of tears, I take on a lot to heart and I can not/don't want to fill my brain with all the ugly in the world. I already struggle with the thought that I'll be bringing my children into a cruel and confusing world, but I chose to concentrate on the good, the hopeful and the happy and if that does mean I'm sheltered and nieve then so be it.

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  1. Great blog hun ps do what I do and just watch cat videos...far more entertaining than anything else hahaha x


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