Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Being in the Moment

How are you all? Good I hope! Don’t worry I’m not skipping my New York blogs (although I have been delaying them as I wish I was still there, but then, who doesn’t? It’s New York!) I wanted to write this as a pre & post New York piece and my changing attitudes to technology and how we use it for big events and holidays.

I have a nickname, Tamagotchi; The Japanese Tourist, this is in reference to my incessant photo taking. Whether it’s on my phone, camera, my nieces Nintendo DS or my DLSR I usually have a camera to hand. I’ve been known to take up to 500 photos in one evening - crazy huh?
Taking photos of my camera with my other camera!

Being the picture taker became my thing and I can pin point exactly when and why this happened. When my Nan died 10 years ago her mind had been stolen by the wretched Dementia; robbing her memories, manners and dignity – it was scary and sad to watch. I suddenly wanted to remember everything; every party, every night out, every gig or coffee date. I now have a 70,000 photo collection, obsessed much!?

Lately though, despite my being a lover of all things technology, I’ve started taking a step back and enjoying the moment instead of constantly trying to get the best shots. This was evident in New York as I only took 300 pictures, in 13 days, compared with Mike’s 1500, a couple of years ago I would have taken 2x or 3x more than that. I was just happy taking in the moment, the sights & smells and soaking up the atmosphere.

I’ve also become disillusioned with portable media like Smartphone’s, Tablets and DS’s. Don’t get me wrong my mobile is by my side but no longer on the table at dinner, it’s on silent in my handbag.

You’ve probably heard of the term Phubbing if you haven’t: “Phubbing is the habit of snubbing someone in favour of a mobile phone/tablet PC in a social setting, which many see as rude habit gone unchecked”. Phubbing drives me absolutely nuts, you’re out with a friend and they spend half the time checking their Facebook, texting other people and worst of all randomly browsing!! I love a good check in, I get a little moment of joy when I see a Twitter notification or the Instagram icon but I’ll only check those if whoever I’m with is in the loo, or at the bar or at best when I’m on my way home! By the way there are exceptions to this rule; New Mums or someone waiting on an important call – I’m not heartless!
Extreme Phubbing
In New York we paid to go on a three house boat cruise around Manhattan which included a guided tour, I’m a bit of a history nerd so I loved all the info but about an hour in most of our fellow passengers were no longer listening in favour of texting,  playing Angry Birds and taking Selfies (self portraits – which I love) but without the NY skyline behind them – doh!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love love LOVE social media, I couldn’t be without my blog, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, but I’m finally realising that it’s a hobby not central to my whole life. I love chatting to new people and sharing my life with those who don't live close but Our New York holiday really was a dream come true and I hope you’ll love the blogs I’ll write and I can’t thank Mike enough for taking me there. I just hope I don’t bore any of you and you unfriend/unfollow me... please don’t! ;)

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