Monday 9 July 2012

What would you do?

Wow, what a reaction to my last blog lots of wonderful messages of support and ton’s of e-mails asking for advice - I'll do the best I can!

As you could all probably tell I’m not my usual self but I’ve had a few moments of clarity and deep thought (and no Dad, it didn’t hurt!).

One of the events I mentioned in my last blog happened this weekend; it was my friend Sarah’s hen do. I have a special place in my heart for Sarah and her Hubby to be Steve as my brother Steven and I introduced them at our sisters’ 18th Birthday party and after declaring on Twitter that I was ready to party and that CRPS would not take my fabulous - it did – I was robbed!

Finding my in fab L- R Kylie, Me and Kate

We met Sarah and the rest of her party at Rendezvous Casino for dinner, which by the way was very delicious with a starter of mussels and salsa - plump, juicy and fresh, a perfectly cooked poached salmon for my main –  I avoided my dauphinoise potato (still on the Weight Watchers!) with fresh vegetables followed by half of a triple chocolate mousse. With goodie bags, sashes, mini crown’s and the wine (or Malibu in my case) flowing we were having a great time but by half ten my fabulousness was depleting fast and I was becoming a sweaty, red faced mess due to the pain levels.

We all know I love a clubbing session but I was beaten and came home before the rest of the party headed to a nightclub – gutted!

I was up most of the night sulking, crying and basically being pathetic! But I remembered a conversation I’d had with my friend Lydia and my Mum last weekend about receiving messages from readers around the globe saying I gave them hope that there is life outside their countries, villages and homes – some of these people can’t afford wheelchairs so they spend their lives in doors only going out when someone carries them and I’m moaning about missing out on a nightclub – utterly ridiculous really!

Now I can’t say I’ll never moan again... I know I will – the most positive people in the world have their moments but I did starting thinking just how many people cannot afford wheelchairs?

I googled my butt off and found out that it is estimated that 100 million people worldwide cannot afford wheelchairs... well, that was my sulking well and truly put in its place! Can you imagine whether you’re able bodied or disabled never leaving the house? For Pete’s sake you can buy them in the UK from Argos for less than £150..... I know people that own shoes 3x that cost!

So now my brain is switched on; what can I do to raise money for wheelchairs? Idea’s people?? – I’m on a mission – I need a project now more than ever - doing something positive! The weird and wonderful are welcome I may even use a few in coming posts!

I was also inspired by one of my favourite fellow Bloggers Betty Bee. Betty Bee is a writer, photographer, vintage enthusiast and crafter. Show wrote a brief blog last week about feeling “meh” herself but had found the joy in the little things like her favourite hand cream, True Blood books and her daughters swimming lessons – (Well Done on your 10 metres Mini Bee!)

Betty Bee
Images used with Permission of Betty Bee
So I thought since my world will be getting smaller over the next few months I really need to take Betty Bee’s example and take pleasure in the small things.

This week, mine are;

Having one of my nieces over for pizza and ice cream – Charley is sweet, chatty (in fact talks more than I do!) and I was proud of myself for only eating within my Weight Watchers points!

Meeting with some girlfriends for Afternoon Tea (more on that in my next blog)

I’ve been banging on about Mighty Mouth by Soap and Glory to my friends – a lip balm that isn’t sticky and it makes your lips tingly fresh – yum!

And lastly my boy Mike is coming home from California in 10 days!!

What would yours be?
L x


  1. The obvious one for you is a sponsored silence ;)

    I'd pay you to goddamn rest for 24 hours!!!

    Seriously? I'll help in any way I can. Maybe we could involve the band if you choose an 'event' of some sort, I'm sure they wouldn't complain if I throw a few beers their way :D xx muchos love, Mrs T xx

  2. It's the small things that make me smile. Today I put the housework to one side, threw the kids coats on and spent a couple of hours pushing the baby to sleep on the swing, helping the toddler get up the new slide we bought her (and rescuing her from every fruit fly/ant that came near) and getting mucky with them both in the sandpit. An idea for wheelchairs: have you thought about writing to the NHS, residential homes and on public forums etc asking if they are willing to donate and older wheelchairs they may no longer use. I'm not sure of the fine details but it's the first thing that came to mind :)


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