Saturday, 2 June 2012

Spain 2012 Part 2

On day two of our holiday Charley and Koran were dying to go to the kids club where today’s theme was pirates (I think the rest of us wanted to join in too, sadly the club was for 12yrs and under, although my 22yr old sister might just have passed for that!) the rest of us took a lovely accessible bus to the town of Tarragona.

Tarragona is south of Catalonia on the north-east of Spain, famous for the Roman ruins held under the care of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and it’s beautiful cathedral.
Tarragona Cathedral

We.... ok I, took a lot of photo’s in Tarragona as there a beautiful authentic Spanish buildings and houses surrounding the cathedral, although Mike and Steve were more amazed that you could buy all the flavours of Cheeto’s from a shop there – it’s like travelling with monkeys.

Streets of Tarragona
Collecting our wannabe Pirates from kids club we headed for dinner where I feasted on sea snails, octopus and shell fish; my nieces and nephews are so good with their food they happily tried octopus tentacle salad and loved it!

We took the kids to the onsite disco where they boogied to their hearts content, as did us adults doing an action perfect rendition of the Superman song you know the one; sneeze, ring the bell, kiss.............SUPERMAN!

Once my Mum and the kids had gone to bed we headed to park 2 (we were staying in No. 1) were we saw a frickin awesome cover band called Reservoir Rocks; queue an evening of green cocktails, Beatles/Kings of Leon/Rolling Stones etc covers and some hot moved from us lot! The night ended with Dan in a huge terracotta pot... as you do! 

Dan in a Pot

L x

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