Wednesday 11 April 2012

Return to OZ – The Journey

So, as I mentioned in my last blog, Mike and I were off to Brisbane, Australia (again!). He for work, Me – to chill out.

After and S.O.S on Facebook for lifts to Heathrow, our friend’s Jo and Jon took us to the airport – thanks guys! We were there 5 hours before we were due to leave, working around Jo and Jon’s schedules - so we took full advantage of another perk of Mike’s work, apart from the air miles that were taking me to OZ he has a gold card that get’s him into the Star Alliance business lounge.

Although another exciting bonus to my trip, upon entering the lounge I felt completely inadequate and sloppy in my Superman T-shirt and leggings and horror of all horrors a makeup free face.

The Lounge

Mike got right into it, getting himself a portion of curry and rice whilst I nursed a coffee, eying up the free Kettle Chips. I couldn’t quite get it into my head that Mike and in turn myself were “allowed” in here and were not going to be thrown out for not paying our bill.

After a while I got over myself took two bags of Kettle Chips, one for then another for later and had a bowl of noodles. Going completely wild (ok, ok - Mike having to drag me blushing and apologising to the bar) I had a complementary Bailey’s – and they don’t measure their alcohol!

We were flying with Singapore Airlines again and like last year they couldn’t do enough for us. Although I had two funny incidents – When we landed in Singapore, the head flight attendant strongly advised I used to the toilet on board in case my wheelchair took too long to arrive – I almost felt like saying it’s my limbs that are weak not my bladder – but since they were all being so sweet I didn’t want to offend. Also in Singapore once my wheelchair had arrived – upon feeling the weight of my hand luggage our airport assistant insisting on using an airport wheelchair to carry it for me!!

With my bright orange special assistance badge proudly placed on my t-shirt (see last year’s blog Re the badges) we headed to the Singapore lounge, this time with a mixture of bad time flying (felt ill/pain for the entire 12 hour flight), being tired and not caring what I looked like at this point I dived into the lounges; tuna sandwiches, cheese plate, kettle chips and a large coffee – weight watchers could well - wait!

My not so subtle "Special" Sticker

Luckily the second leg of the journey I felt better watching The Iron Lady, My Week With Marilyn and The Decedents through the on board entertainment system and ate beef in coffee and chocolate sauce – as you do!

L x

P.s For those of you who have messaged regarding the rush kitchen job; we left a very tidy living area behind, albeit missing wall paper, flooring and wall cupboards. Although a sparse cave the cooker and fridge still work – bonus!

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