Monday, 7 February 2011

Jazz baby!

Wednesday and Thursday were quiet and chilled in the apartment, we cooked dinner and watched season three of How I met your Mother – legend… wait for it…. dary!

I had started to notice a significant reduction in well… fat on my butt and cellulite and an increase in tan! There will be no picture’s to prove any of this, but I’m definitely going to have to either earn a bucket load and buy and new house with pool, move to Australia or join a local water aerobics class…. The latter I feel would be most appropriate at this moment in time… I feel living out here in a serviced apartment has given me a sense of unfounded grandeur lol!

Friday evening was so much fun. I was quite nervous as we were going out with Mike’s work mates, the other half of them that I hadn’t met on my first day here.

We met in a bar/restaurant called Freestyle in Fortitude Valley, we’d had dinner before we arrived so why the other noshed on mezze platters and tapas I enjoyed an Apple Mojito, only one mind, the aforementioned lack of gall bladder and my hurling capacity had already been tested I wasn’t about to embarrass myself in front of a collective I.Q of a million… (probably!). The inevitable geological chat came up (really should take a short course or read a Dummies guide so I know what Mike does!) but I wasn’t made to feel stupid or boring. I always apologies for not having a job, regardless if I have a valid reason or not…. Self confidence issues I feel!

After cocktails we went to the Australian Legions club for a jazz evening. We were seeing the Caxton Street Jazz band. They usually play on the South bank… i.e. flooded!

The Caxton’s are a 7 piece band formed in 1977 (Karen – they know of Digby and Tony!). Mike not being a jazz fan at all (his only experience of live jazz was on a ferry from France – enough said!) I was worried he would suffer and bleed from his ears. I on the other had had googled and youtubed the band and couldn’t wait – right up my street. My granddad and Nan (Dad’s) where both jazz fans I have listened to Louis, Billie and Miles since I was young through their influence.

The band where fantastic! Even Mike enjoyed it! I was chilled beyond belief by the end. There was a moment of clarity when I realized I was in Oz, listening to jazz, beer in hand surrounded by Geologists and thought it was one of my more random evenings!

The gig finished and I went to meet the band and mention the Piano Pavilion and my Jazz related contacts at home, I bought one of their CD’s and refrained from asking them to sign it, I’m always such a groupie without the sex!

Thinking we would all go home at this point, Mike followed the group (and I not having the faintest idea which direction home was!) and we were again outside Freestyle, this time for desert! Huge ice creams and baked goods laidened the table I had to stop myself from passing round my camera so that they could all take photos of these sugared artworks.

We made it home around midnight – not drunk, food still inside my stomach and for once only three pictures taken… I think I was just happy keeping this random night to myself!

L x

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