Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Carter Glass :)

Just a quick post and a shout out to Carter Glass, they came and put a new and secure back door in my flat today! They were quick, efficient and cleaned up after! A family run company, set up in the 1960's they are well establish, friendly and in no way pushy like some other firms that I should name and shame!

Funny enough, I texted one of my best friends this evening and Carter Glass are going to her house tomorrow to fix the windows in her new (gorgeous!) babies nursery on my recommendation, word of mouth does work! You can follow the links above or call them on 01702 546914.

And by the way, they in no way asked for this promotion or have any idea I'm posting, but I will mail them so they don't get confused when someone rings up "Hi Lady Gogo, recommend you" lol!
L x

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